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Ad-hoc Support Services

We use the latest technology systems to monitor your network’s health and safety 24/7. However, if you need us, our team is here from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and after-hours assistance is available when necessary.

Help Desk Support

There are two ways to get support from the team here at RTGroup:

Call 250-412-3785 or 1-800-946-4382

  • our live support staff is always available to help you
  • We strive to answer every call “live”. Please don’t think it’s unusual to get a “real live” person answering your call. That’s our normal!
  • after receiving your e-mail, we open a service order, confirm with you that we received your request, and assign a technician

Remote & On-site Service

Depending on the issue, our technicians will help remotely or in person. We recognize that each problem is different, so we don’t use a script to try to solve issues; we listen to what your people are saying and have no problem coming to your office to investigate and resolve the problem if it’s not immediately apparent what needs to be done. Our technicians work with your users to resolve issues as efficiently as possible to minimize downtime and frustration.